Friday, April 28, 2006

Athens metro & street maps

Athens metro map

Athens street map

Monday, April 24, 2006

autonomous spaces open public ephemeral zone the poster

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Actions wich will take place during the autonomous spaces

4-5 -06 (FRIDAY) actions for immigrants in the center of athens.

5-5-o6 (SATURDAY) action against consuming and capitalism , total freedom street parade organised by void network

Friday, April 14, 2006


>>>by plane to the Athens airport E. Venizelos
>>>when you arrive to the airport you take the metro from Douk. Plakedias (blue line) and you arrive to Omonia (red line) (see on the metro map)
>>>then you just walk Patision street 200m from Omonia Station to the Polytechnic University school
>>>if you arrive before 4th May you have to go to the Social Centre “Autonomous Steki” in Zoodoxou Pigis 95-97 street (you will see in the street map) where there will be the accommodation and the kitchen place. It is better if you could call when you will arrive to the airport.
Contact number : (0030)6979487198 ,(0030)6947765520 and (0030)6976323599
>>>if you arrive by boat to Patras Port then you take the train to Athens and you arrive to Stathmos Larisis(red line) where form there you take the metro and you arrive to Omonia(red line) then you just walk Patision street 200m from Omonia Station to the Polytechnic school
>>>if you arrive before 4th May you will go to the Social Centre “Autonomous Steki” in Zoodoxou Pigis 95-97 street (you will see in the street map) where there will be the accommodation and the kitchen place. It is better if you could call when you will arrive to the airport.
Contact number: (0030)6979487198 ,(0030)6947765520 and (0030)6976323599
The accommodation places will be more than one , the social centre “Autonomous Steki” , the Polytechnic School and the Ex-hippodrome place where the Protestival for legalize the marihuana will take place after the Street Parade.
For any information, enquiries you can call (0030)6979487198 and (0030)6947765520
For the accommodation you can call (0030)2103800907 and (0030)6976323599


Dear friends,We inform you that during the first week of May 2006the European SocialForum will take place in Athens. At the same time theopen assembly for thecreation of the "Autonomous Spaces" / Open PublicEphemeral Zonewill use a university space in the centre of Athensand will produce anephemeral autonomous zone that will try to bringtogether all the grassrootsanticapitalist, autonomous and antiauthoritariancollectives, groups andmovements. Together we will try to co-create an openpublic space that willgive the opportunity to all the libertarian radicalutopians, anarchists,antiauthoritarians, libertarian communists, greenanarchists, antisystemic marxists,anarchoprimitivists, the squats, social centers andall anti-hierarchical collectives from any lineage of the modern libertarian thinking-action to present their work, express their ideas, and come to public dialogue withthe other collectives. This is an open invitation for all the creativepolitical and cultural affinity groupsand personal initiatives to participate in thecreation of the zone and the formation of the social and political agenda.You can send your propositions to take part in thegeneral program of the meetinguntil 15th of April.We would like to let you know that this congregationwill give us theopportunity to create an antiauthoritarian autonomouszone and express ourideas. It will also provide the ability to eachcollective to organize its own space, prepare and present its own lectures, workshops ordocumentary shows and participate to the general assemblies and forums.We announce below the thematic issues of theassemblies and the forums and wewait from you the expansion and the enrichment of thiscatalogue with yourown propositions:*Work*Immigration*City movements and Ecology*Suppression*International Movements and New Technologies*Social Centers, Squatting*Direct Action*Sexism and Homophobia*Libertarian, Anarchist and Antiauthoritarian Ontology*Contemporary Every Day Life and Future Social andCultural Movements*General Assembly: Autonomous – AnticapitalisticSpace and Antiglobal MovementThe whole procedure according to the preparationsuntil now will take placeon five phases (more ideas can be organized and muchmore actions can takeplace through the _expression of initiative):a) Autonomous Spaces / Open Public Ephemeral Zone /Athens 4-7 May 2006Four days of open public dialogue, networking ofinformation, lectures,info-centers, books or pamphlets exhibition, liveinternet shows, film shows and documentary video projections and opencelebrative publicsituationsb) Action of Solidarity and Social awareness outsideof Immigrant's Concentration Campc) Actions of Social awareness at the City Market andother Working spacesd) Meetings and workshops at the social centers ofAthense) Total Freedom Street Parade / organized by VoidNetworkAn open invitation from Void Network to all theanarcho-ravers, thetechnical sound-systems, the psychedelic trancers, thespace travelers tobuilt a global celebration of social awareness in thestreets of Athensthat will send in all over world the message of thefight for Total FreedomWe believe that it would be very helpful anycollective which would like totake part in this festival to prepare for traveling,to prepare theirlectures, and to help with the publicity networking.According to the economical difficulties of somecollectives we canunderstand that some of them can not organize thetraveling in Athens,so we offer them the opportunity to participate andexpress their ideasthrough books or pamphlets exhibition that they cansend or to appear through live internet shows, film shows anddocumentary video projections.We look forward for any reply from you as soon aspossible.The workshops that have already been proposed are:1) Precarity & working straggles (Autonomous Working Initiative – Greece )2) Greek capital in the Balkans & the exploitation ofthe Balkan proletariats (Autonomous Working Initiative – Greece )3) Security & & Supervision (Autonomous Steki – Greece )4) Local movements in the city (Autonomous Initiative of Hlioupoli - Greece )5) Political prisoners in Greece & Europe(initiative against state terrorism - Greece)6) Libertarian, Anarchist and Antiauthoritarianthought and action in the present and the future(VOID NETWORK - Greece)7) movement for free camping((VOID NETWORK – Sunseeds – activistsfrom Autonomous Anticapitalist Network – Greece)8) Fighting back against surveillance of electroniccommunications(Information Liberation Front - UK)9) Anarchism in the USA (“Alex Trocchi”- USA)10) “Human rights for Indigenous Autonomousspaces” for the human rights and civil libertiesof all indigenous people(By Unimundal.)11) Feminism and Sexism(Priya – USA)12) Fight against G8 – Germany 2007(Gipfelsoli collective - Germany)13) Homophobia and rasism in the Israelian society(Queeruption - Israel)14) Art and Activism Caravan (border crossing project)(EYFA)15) Precarity movement(Wombles - UK)16) Euromayday experience – Italy 2006 (Wombles - UK)17) Chartography in the hands of the movement(Frassanito network)18) History & actions of Earth First!(Earth First! Brighton - UK)Thank you,The open assembly for the creation of "AutonomousSpaces" Open Public ephemeral ZoneIf you want to help:You can forward this message to all the collectivesand persons that you think they might like to participate in the co-creation ofthis meeting................You can announce this invitation to your siteYou can print this invitation and put it in allinfoshops, squats and social centers of your area...You can do whatever you like for to make thisexperiment come alive and have inside some of your creativity....In the next weeks it will be ready the poster of thegathering so you can help us to print and distribute posters in your area....Thank you very muchcontact: autonomouspacesathens2006@gmail.comcontact for street parade: //// www.voidnetworksociety.orgAs we all know during this spring (4-7 May) the 4thmeeting of the European Social Forum will take placein Athens. The main objective of this meeting is theplanning of actions the ESF until the next meeting.This meeting is an important process as such foe ESF.At the same time some other processes take place andamong them those of Autonomous spaces. Those parallel,with the ESF, meetings of Autonomous spaces (for somethese meetings are not independently motivated)however constitute a political choice of people thatseek different processes, clearly antiauthoritarianand open, with explicit anticapitalistic directionsand prospects. Each year this event gives theopportunity to a lot of people from various teams,collectives, networks, to meet and issues areproposed, discussed, analyzed… In some of thesemeetings many of us have participated, exchangedopinions, experiences, practices, created contacts andnetworks with individuals and collectives from alloverEurope ( not only) extending thus our antagonistic-activist field (participating and contributing inthis enormous informal network of anti-globalmovement). The movement on the move…The main aim of this call (as much as of the openassembly that it has been created) is to establish andto maintain this kind of communication, and ifpossible to achieve the enlargement of this network.By making this call (organizing this meeting) we donot wish to impose a unique truth and revolutionarismneither to oppose to an event like the ESF. Since wereject therefore this confrontational character, weourselves must determine what these Autonomous spacesare. Our objective is to co-organize a temporary (?)self-organized, self-managed (and finally, to thedegree we can, autonomous) zone. A zone that willinclude various spaces in which we already move andact politically, spaces where we will get togethershaping together collective, antiauthoritarian,horizontally structured processes, creating the“now” and not hoping for a“tomorrow”, developing competitivepractices of direct action, social intervention andexperimentations in - and not opposite to - thesociety. We call therefore every autonomous, anticapitalistic,antiauthoritarian grassroots collective to take partin the co-organization and common shaping of a meetingbased on horizontal structures withoutrepresentatives, with complete autonomy, respect andsolidarity.In this meeting we do not seek solid politicaldirections and objectives, however we call the meetingon the base of five points (this does not mean thatthere is no room for flexibility to other proposals):1) Absolute rejection of capitalism, imperialism, allof the commercial agreements, institutions,governments and all that promotes the capitalisticchoices.2) Absolute rejection of every kind of exploitationsystem, social and class inequality (e.g. racism,patriarchy, religious fundamentalism, sexism). Webelieve in total equality, dignity and solidarity. 3) No negotiation with governmental or capitalisticinstitutions and unions and more specifically those ofthem that believe that the only responsible forconducting politics is the authority.4) A call for direct action of social disobedience andthe support of the anticapitalistic movement andeverything that promotes local and internationalresistance against multinationals and capitalism.5) The philosophy of creating structures based ondecentralization and autonomy. We reject every form ofhierarchy institutional or informal. We support directdemocracy and anti-hierarchical directions. The open assembly for the creation of "Autonomous Spaces" Open Public ephemeral Zone4-7 May Athensautonomous-info-center